Isolation Days (March 16 - Mai 10, 2020) #1-56

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Isolation Days (March 16 - Mai 10, 2020) #1-56, 2020–2021
Posters displayed across the city and in the museum
42 x 59,4 cm

In his poetic-philosophical works, Marco Godinho not only reflects on concepts such as time, travel or memory, he also encourages us to perceive what all too often escapes us. With a subtle sensitivity to the expressiveness of the materials he works with, he creates metaphorical works with imagery that responds to our desires and dreams. "Isolation Days (March 16 - May 10, 2020)" consists of 56 handwritten notes that the artist wrote on post-its every day throughout the first lockdown. As mantras, they invite us to reflect on the transience of things, as well as on our human condition in an uncertain moment of worldwide isolation. The post-its, now enlarged into posters, question in a very personal way the relationship to the concept of home, to life, to nature and to language. While 30 notes that were already published on the artist's Instagram page are now hanging in the Grimmuseum, the remaining yet-to-be-published works are distributed in public space around Berlin and thus will receive special attention. It is his attempt to better understand the failed social policies, fears, dependencies and crippling structures in which we live.

Gilles Neiens

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    Installation views, Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany, 2021

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Group Exhibition

Grimmuseum, Berlin
Club Quarantina
09.04 – 15.05.2021
The exhibition Club Quarantina shows an exemplary cross-section of art and art experiments that were created around the first lockdown 2020. With a gap of one year, this exhibition explores the question of how Corona has influenced or even changed the selected artists and their art. For the viewers, it will be central to experience the works directly in an exhibition context and not purely virtually, as a way to confront the sometimes uncomfortable truths of this "lockdown art“. The themes are diverse and respond to social changes and their consequences, isolation and the search for meaning, humour and escapism, as well as apocalyptic fears in the face of a world that has been radically altered after Corona.
The exhibition will also be shown in Düsseldorf at Wildpalms and a special project by Mary-Audrey Ramirez in collaboration with Pirate Sheep will take place in Luxembourg at CeCiL ́s Box of Cercle Cité.


AICANON & Karen Paulina Biswell, Lena Marie Emrich, Marco Godinho, Constantin Hartenstein, Jil Lahr, Zora Mann, Filip Markiewicz, Simon Mullan, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Grit Richter, Finja Sander, Eric Schumacher & Wolfgang Tillmans


Gilles Neiens

Installation views, Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany, 2021