Miracles Are Hidden Secrets – Photographs


Miracles Are Hidden Secrets, 2019
Colour photographs
Dimensions variable

Miracles are hidden secrets. On a visit to the shrine at Lourdes, the artist performed an action in the mirac­ ulous Massabielle Grotto where, 150 years earlier, Bernadette Soubirous had obeyed the commands of the Lady of her visions (dig in the ground, drink the spring water, eat grass, etc.). The first sheet shown was torn from a notebook and stuck on the rock face, allowing the water to seep, soak and permeate it, tracing a path, while the artist made a wish that will remain secret until the miracle occurs. The second sheet is the epigraph page of Roberto Peregalli’s book Les Lieux et la poussière (Places and dust), with a quotation from Martin Heidegger. Drenched with the reputedly miraculous living water of Lourdes, this page holds another wish to be kept hidden until it comes true.

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