Forever Immigrant (Tattoo)


Forever Immigrant (Tattoo), 2018
Performative action
Length variable

On November 17, 2018, on the day of the opening of the exhibition Dust to Dust: Of Myths and Men, at VT Artsalon, in Taipei, a local tattoo artist inked the words “Forever Immigrant,” without charge, on the bodies of visitors who wanted to become an integral part of the project. For the artist, it was an opportunity to launch Forever Immigrant as a tattooing performance, a gesture all the more symbolic in a country whose people are still fighting for freedom of expression and against Chinese oppression. This spawned the idea of building a “Forever Immigrant” community, with performances around the globe bringing together people who wel­come foreigners and defend freedom of movement for citizens of all nationalities.

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    Performance views, VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018

Performance views, VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018