Disappear Disappear Again

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Disappear Disappear Again, 2019
Poem, handwriting, graphite on wall, eraser, wood board, time (22 days), daily action
Dimensions variable

The poem entitled Disappear Disappear Again bring together 22 disparate sentences found in the artist's notebooks. The number of the sentences corresponds to the 22 opening days of the group exhibition INTÉRIEURS SUR MESURE at Galleria Alberta Pane. On Sundays and Mondays the gallery is closed, which offers 8 days of rest for the gallery and the work. The disposition of Disappear Disappear Again consists - when the gallery is open to the public - to handwrite each morning a different line in pencil per day on the wall of the exhibition space. The sentence is then erased at the closing time of the Gallery. Every day the same ritual gesture is repeated, the rubber residue remains visible.

The book L’élargissement du poème by Jean-Christophe Bailly also aims at a poetic escape which integrates the instability and the threshold of the world in its language and it is for this reason mainly, that the artist chose it to interact with his work. In exploring poetry writing in fleeting, temporal form, the artist has developed a series of actions that use written material as a daily link to the exhibition space. The length of each poem is determined by the length of the exhibition: equal in lines to the number of days, the text is disclosed in fragments. The action is repeated each day but is never the same; it becomes a ritual and invites new ways of celebrating the quotidian. This simple gesture, which materializes differently in each setting, is a measure of the passing of time that reveals, through the appearance and disappearance of words, a sense of poetic rebellion against the instability of the present.

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    Installation views, Galleria Alberta Pane, Paris, France, 2019

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Galleria Alberta Pane
08.02.2019 – 09.03.2019

In collaboration with A1043 Gallery

Starting from a question about the origin of creations, the two neighboring galleries have invited a group of artists to present an artwork associated with a book of their choice. The works are installed in both spaces in dialogue with books and furniture.


Benjamin Baltimore, Martine Bedin, Katinka Bock, Osvaldo Borsani, Piero Castiglioni, Ludovic Chemarin©, Gayle Chong Kwan, Gaetano Cunsolo, Marie Denis, Romina De Novellis, Eléonore False, Marco Godinho, Luciana Lamothe, Guillaume Leblon, P.Nicolas Ledoux, Marie Lelouche, Alessandro Mendini, Masaki Morita, Nemo, Jean Nouvel, Fritz Panzer, Michelangelo Penso, David Renggli, Stefan Rinck, Pierre Sala, Philippe Starck, Ettore Sottsass, Michele Spanghero, Martin Szekely, João Vilhena, Mariyo Yagi.

Installation views, Galleria Alberta Pane, Paris, France, 2019